Zombie Carnage

Recently I’ve been shooting a trailer for a feature film.  The footage will be used in a presentation to entice investors to buy in to the film production.  The film is called Zombie Carnage and, hopefully, I’ll have some footage for you in the next few weeks.  To view the blog for the film, click here.

We’ve been shooting on a Red One camera with Steadicam and a lot of handheld.  That’s no easy task with the weight of the camera but, thankfully, I was wearing an Easyrig . I’ve also had access to Arri Ultra Primes and Cooke S4/i lenses.  I must admit that I was not as happy with the Cookes this time as they seemed too sharp for the Red and definitely a set of lenses that might need some softening filters to help hide the video look.


Addition: Below is a final cut of the teaser for the film.  We were very lucky to have Craig Charles join us and lend a hand...