Motion Control Day - Time Lapse

So, a number of months ago I was the Director of Photography on a motion control shoot for Squint / Opera, a company that do some really fantastic architectural visualisation work. We utilised the Talos rig from Mark Roberts Motion Control and the day went seamlessly. We even finished on time which, as some may know with motion control, can often be the real killer for budget. We shot green screen with the moves being generated in post and then applied to the rig. Some trimmings were required due to space, etc, but all seemed to work quite smoothly at the back end of post production.

We shot on the Red Epic, at full 5K, with a 2.40:1 mask. This is due to the 3D-generated architecture as the "vertically challenged" 2.40:1 suits the wide aspect of plazas, lobbies, etc.

The final video should be out soon but this is a little time lapse video of the day's shoot.

Short Film Teaser - "This Love"

Just a little teaser for a short film I was the Director of Photography for a while back. It was bogged down in post production for some time but is now doing the festival circuit. An art house film called "This Love" is about just that - love and love lost. It was written and directed by the talented Joe Warley and produced by the ever-supportive and understanding Staten Cousins-Roe from Forward Motion Pictures.

One of the rare films where the cast and crew were an absolute joy to work with and we all banded together to produce a story that is gentle and intriguing. I will certainly be posting the final film once the circuit is complete but until then I hope you will enjoy the teaser...